Tangents Art
Hannah is an interdisciplinary exploratory artist who never stops working.

Eliyahu is a fourth generation artist and a graduate of Syracuse University. He recently started Brush Worx Studio in Charlotte after getting back into art. Much of his work focuses on message and concept through light and shadow, color and contrast seeking to establish atmosphere.

Chelsea is an illustrator, writer and Winthrop University art school graduate.

Greg Tom is a cartoonist and organizer of the Cartooning Club of Charlotte.

Shelly is an illustrator, cartoonist and caricature artist.
Keith is a graphic designer, illustrator, web designer and photographer.

Karla is a 7-year resident of Charlotte. When she isn't making mini-comics, creating community art and freelancing print design, she is contemplating art's navel in her blog.

William is an advanced hobbyist in Charlotte. He started in photography in his early teens with film, slides chemicals and enlargers. He recently rekindled his love of photography and brought himself as up-to-date in digital photography. He enjoys photographing anything he can consider creative: a moment in time, portraits, nature, stills.

Morgan is an emerging artist whose work can be characterized as impressionistic and sometimes abstract. Her inspiration comes from the planes and forms of what she perceives as powerful feminine figures such as, Misty Copeland and Nykor Paul.

Jonathan is Interactive Art Director at Rosenbaum Creative, LLC.

Greg is a graphic designer, illustrator, cartoonist, web designer, writer and photographer.

Slyngstad is a political cartoonist / illustrator who has most recently worked for ​​​The Sentinel newspaper in Pennsylvania. His admittedly left-leaning cartoons attempt to fairly represent the issues … when fairness is appropriate. That is not to say he takes an even tone at all times. He invites you to judge for yourself..